When rapper Desiigner released a song named after Future’s debut album, Metro Boomin’ & the #FutureHive no longer trusted him.

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Black Twitter took offense to this evident style-jacking of Nayvadius, and responded with #DesiignerSongs; discounted versions of Future hits. Hilarity ensued.

1. When the water is plentiful, but the bread is few.

2. The song that played when you listened to Kanye’s The Life of Pablo.

3. When your team misses the dance and has to settle for the complimentary tournament.

4. Bruce Lee’s second cousin by marriage uses this as his dojo’s theme song.

5. When the word “purple” is already claimed and you reign over nothing.

6. When commas are the least of your grammar woes

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7. When you think you’re the source of the power.

8. The song you play when you lack time management skills.

9. When your mixtape drops but you’ve got an early bedtime.

10. Songs for the middle-aged man persevering through the mid-life crisis.

11. When you’ve already used “violet” and can only afford ones and fives at the strip club.

12. The song when you wanna flex but only have a Payless budget.

13. The song playing on the wedding night of the 40-year-old virgin.

14. When you’re the only rapper in the American Horror Story series.

15. When the #DesiignerSongs are too lit.

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Instant classics! Add your own #DesiignerSongs to the tracklisting.

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