Colorism is a key issue within the black community and it's one that is spread all over the world. Skin bleaching products are heavily touted to darker skinned people in many countries. 

One such Nigerian ad from Nivea has caused an uproar on Twitter.

The ad features a woman yearning to "restore her skin to its natural fairness." 

Photo: ABC

Per Nivea's website, the Natural Fairness by Nivea product is made to "lighten and moisture your skin while evening skin tone." 

In the ad, it's clear that because the model's skin is "fairer," she is perceived more beautiful. For example, when she goes to pick up her daughter from school, a man flirts with her asking if she's there to pick up her sister. He then compliments her "beautiful glowing skin." The model beams noting that the "visibly fairer skin" makes her feel "younger."

Black Twitter wasn't having it! Some chastised the brand for the ad, and others went further demanding that they take the ad down.

We'll keep an eye out to see if Nivea releases a statement about this!