A white-supremacist has Black residents of Patrick County, Virginia literally fearing for their lives. Blavity previously reported about registered EMT Alex McNabb, who co-hosts a neo-Nazi podcast titled The Daily Shoah. While McNabb says his podcast is meant to be comical and is purportedly satirical, he's come under fire for some glaring comments made on the show. The 35-year-old, who goes by the name “Dr. Narcan," to listeners says that he uses racist jokes and language as a form of entertainment. 

Black residents of the 92% white county met with local officials on Monday to demand termination. Lock Boyce, the chair of supervisors of Patrick County said that McNabb's actions have damaged the rescue team's reputation and believes he should be fired immediately.

"This is about free speech, which is under assault in this country," McNabb argued at the county meeting, according to CNN. "I will legally fight it. I'm not the first person who has done this."

"We think Adolf Hitler is dead. Nah, you cannot kill a demon," Charles Thomas, county resident and Vietnam veteran shared at the meeting. "Just imagine if you were a black person needing medical help and call the rescue … your chances of dying in that rescue vehicle are greater than if you stay home."

Daily Mail reports in one episode the host compared Black female patients to shaved gorillas and once shared about his satisfaction with stabbing one of his young Black patients with a needle. 

"So, guess who volunteered to take [his] blood? Dr. Narcan enjoyed great, immense satisfaction as he terrorized this youngster with a needle and stabbed him thusly in the arm with a large-gauge IV catheter," he exclaimed. 

The medical professional is currently suspended from his job while his actions are under formal investigation by The Virginia Department of Health. 

Residents have also launched a petition to demand the firing of the EMT. 

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