TikTok content creator Zalaiya Nefwani works as a part-time drink cart worker at a golf course. Viewers recently praised her for responding to a racist question from a group of white golfers in a now-viral video on the social platform.

Nefwani was filming content during her shift when she proceeded to take the group’s order. After ordering a beer, one man asked her if she accepted food stamps as payment, Atlanta Black Star reported.

“Do you take food stamps?” the man asked condescendingly in the nearly three-minute clip.

She quickly replied, “You know, we just stopped taking food stamps. We don’t anymore. You don’t have enough money or what?”

His friend then vouched for him and said, “He’s got $100s and $50s.”


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As the man handed her a $50 bill, Nefwani wondered if he was knowingly passing along counterfeit money.

“Is it real?” she asked.

The golfer responded, “It better be.”

Nefwani asked the man, “What do you want back, a dollar?”

The young woman cleverly talked her way into a hefty tip, with the man complimenting her “charming” demeanor.

“You’re far more charming than the previous server,” he told her.

Nefwani received an additional $20 tip and persuaded the men to spend more on drinks at the golf course.

The video amassed over 2.3 million views, 311,500 likes and 10,700 saves. TikTok users shared their thoughts on the exchange between Nefwani and the group of golfers.

“Def a microaggression but asking if he didn’t have enough money was good,” one user said.

“She better than me. 😂 Cart woulda been flipped after the food stamp comment,” another user wrote.

“I would’ve ruined everyone’s day after that food stamp bit, u better than me 😭,” a third user said.

“The food stamp comment was sooooo…… idk i don’t be getting they humor but you handle them so well, that’s really a skill!” another user said.