Sophia Rosing, a student at the University of Kentucky (UK), is facing heat in the court of law and public opinion after a video showed her assaulting a Black student-employee who was doing her job and minding her own business.

The incident occurred over the weekend, and it went down after Rosing belligerently attacked a woman named Kylah Spring, who was working at the front desk of the college dorm at the time.

Video of the ordeal shows Rosing, who appears to be under the influence, tussling with Spring upon entering the dorm after a presumed night out.

As Spring attempts to calm the situation down, Rosing can be heard repeatedly telling her, “You’re a n****r, and you’re a b***h.”

“Jesus, I do not get paid enough for this,” Spring says while holding back Rosing, who’s continuing to try and get physical.

Since the video began sparking outrage and catching major traction online, Spring — the student-employee whom Rosing accosted — has come forward to share some more details about the incident.

Spring explained that Rosing did not have any identifying information (like a student ID) on her, was drunk in the dormitory lobby and was aggressively refusing Spring’s attempts to deescalate the matter and follow procedure by contacting a resident assistant (R.A.).

“I say, ‘Are you okay?’ and she continues to look at me and she starts calling me a n****r,” she recalled.

“She bit me along my arm. She punched me in my face,” Spring continued. “She kicked me in my stomach as well. She tried to run me over with a grocery cart that was in the lobby.”

Spring also shared some additional angles of her altercation with Rosing.

Eli Capilouto, UK’s president, proceeded to condemn the matter in a press release.

“Early this morning, an incident involving violence against our students, racial slurs and offensive language occurred in one of our residence halls. One of the victims was a student employee who was working an overnight shift at the front desk,” he wrote.

“UK Police arrested the perpetrator, who faces criminal charges, and the investigation is ongoing. Our Office of Student Conduct also is conducting an immediate review, and our Student Success teams are reaching out to the student victims who were subject to this behavior to offer support,” Capilouto added.

On top of being arrested on charges like public intoxication, disorderly conduct and assault, WKYT reports that Rosing was also terminated from her position as a Dillard’s Campus Influencer.

In response, Rosing took to her Instagram Story to bemoan the situation and say that she’s “not a racist.”

“I am not a racist I was under the influence I lost everything literally,” she wrote. “Now I have to fear for my life God forgives please understand.”

However, we should note that the internet has drudged up some other instances of Rosing being belligerently problematic, suggesting that there could be a “pattern” to her behavior.

What are your thoughts on the situation?