A Black woman created a hair school for white parents of Black children.

Tamekia Swint started Styles 4 Kidz after she noticed more white parents were choosing to adopt Black children.

"They're not familiar with the [black] hair," she told 60 Second Docs. "I saw that this might be something where I can empower them." The documentary has been viewed more than 3.5 million times since its May 15 premiere, according to Popsugar.

She started the company in 2010 with three clients. Since then, she’s served more than 500 families. Swint offers several styles ranging from $40 to $150. She also hosts workshops for parents who want to learn how to do their children’s hair.

The mother-of-one claims the parents are eager to learn about Black hair.

"I saw the need for this kind of service as more whites and other non-black families adopted black children," Swint told Oak Park in March. "A big misconception a lot of blacks have about whites adopting black children is that they don't care about these kids and that's just not true."

Laura Basi, mother to a pair of twins, is thankful for Styles 4 Kidz because Black hair resources are scarce in her country.

"I want to learn how to care for my children's hair and this is the best place for me to learn how to do that. I live in Batavia where there's not any place I can take them for hair care," Basi said. "Adopting these two has been a positive experience for my family. We adopted them when they were five days old."

The organization also allows Basi to socialize with other parents.

"I know soon it will be time to send them to school and that is something my husband and I are discussing now," she continued. "I know there are things I won't be able to relate to when it comes to blacks and that's why I am learning as much as I can, from as many people as I can."

The kids are also enthusiastic about their new hairdos.

"We'll go there and give them haircuts and braid hair. You would be amazed how much self-confidence these children gain once their hair is looking good," said Swint. "Seeing the smiles on their faces when we leave is a wonderful feeling."