A Black woman is getting wide support from social media users after she said her white neighbor vandalized her rooftop. The woman, who goes by Alexandria on TikTok, showed images of her rooftop before and after it was vandalized.

“This is my rooftop,” she said while showing off an assortment of plants and furniture she had organized on her property. “I love it I worked really hard on it.”

After sharing images of the vandalized property, Alexandria shared a photo of her neighbor, who is a white man.

“Is anyone surprised?” the frustrated homeowner told her followers.

In a follow-up post, Alexandria gave more background about how the dispute started. According to Alexandria, the man came to her house one morning and demanded that she remove the privacy screen she put up on her rooftop. Alexandria said she put up the screen because she “didn’t want to look at his trash-ass patio while she’s trying to chill on her rooftop.”

Before her property was destroyed, the man allegedly complained to the homeowners association and said he would remove the screen by himself. Alexandria said he also confessed to the HOA president after vandalizing the rooftop. The HOA, according to Alexandria, didn’t notify her about the man’s threat.

After she filed a report to the police, Alexandria said officers talked to the man and told him not to touch the woman’s property. Before police talked to him, Alexandria said the man reached out to her via email and doubled down on his actions, telling her that she was doing too much on her rooftop.

“So yeah, I think this is a case where this white man feels that this young Black woman is entirely out of line on her property,” Alexandria said.

Social media rallied to express support for Alexandria.

Alexandria said she doesn’t know if the man is racist, but added how “society has created an environment in which a white man thinks it’s OK to do this to a young Black woman with no repercussions.”

“We are just trying to wait and go through the appropriate legal channels and whatever HOA board channels we need to go through to protect ourselves,” Alexandria said.