Officials from Rio Vista Police Department in California confirmed an internal investigation is underway after eight newly released body camera videos show their officers body slamming a Black woman during a traffic stop.

According to NBC Bay Area, deputies pulled over a car with four passengers in tow on Sunday for a suspended registration. All four occupants declined to exit the vehicle. In fact, one passenger, Tyrone Clayton Jr., phoned nearby family relatives to record the incident as they remained inside. 

"Just being pulled over, I fear for my life every time as an African American in Rio Vista," Clayton said.

Things turned south when the victim and Clayton's stepsister, Cherish Thomas and Clayton's stepmother Deshaunna Payne arrived at the scene. Per Police Chief Dan Dailey, Thomas became disruptive and refused to cooperate with law enforcement. Deputies claim Thomas and Payne engaged in physical contact with the officer and that's when said deputy picked Thomas up and forcefully slammed her body onto the concrete.

"(The) officer tackled her to the ground in order to gain control of her while his partner stepped in to take Deshaunna Payne into custody," Dailey explained in a statement obtained by KCRA. 

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Thomas asserts she did not physically provoke the officer.

"I ended up getting dipped like a football player," Thomas said in an interview with NBC Bay Area. 

"What can I do at this point? He's a police officer. And I'm (120 pounds)," the victim said. "So what am I going to do? Fight him? No."

After being treated at the hospital for injuries stemming from the encounter, Thomas went home on Monday. Along with sore legs, she still suffers some trauma as a result of the officer's actions.

"I was scared. I'm not going to lie. Because at the end of the day, that’s a police officer, and they can do what they want to do," she said to KCRA.

Per the news outlet, both Thomas and Payne were indicted on resisting arrest and obstructing an investigation charges. 

A family member confirmed to NBC Bay Area they intend on seeking legal counsel as the investigation continues. 

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