In the first full week of the decade, Twitter decided to clown Boosie for being a perp, praise Meghan Markle for getting out and protect Lizzo at all costs. 

But a new report from CityLab about the best and worst American cities for Black women triggered a conversation about what towns are doing to make sure Black women have every opportunity to succeed. 

These are your Tweets of the Week.

The debate over the best and worst American cities for Black women began when an interesting chart started circulating showing how Black women faired economically in dozens of U.S. towns. 

The responses ranged from serious to hilarious, encompassing the complicated feelings many Black women have about the places where they live. 

Some Black women confirmed what the chart posited, while others said the stats exposed that Black women have it rough almost everywhere.

But as always, Twitter had ample time for jokes, clowning everyone from Joe Budden to the Queen of England.

One Twitter user started a hilarious meme that garnered some truly gut-busting responses.

Twitter showed a lot of love to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they kicked off their "Megxit" from the U.K.

There was also a hilarious tweet that racked up hundreds of likes within minutes.

And as always, there were a few random Tweets that had us all spitting out our water.

Stay warm this weekend!