A new study confirmed Black women's grievances about racial and gender inequality in the workplace with startling data.

The damning report by Lean In and McKinsey & Co. entitled Women in The Workplace 2018 survey showed Black women are far less likely to be promoted to managerial positions, subjected to discrimination and will receive less support from higher-ups. 

PBS reports 279 companies were featured in the survey. Researchers spoke to an estimated 64,000 employees and discovered 90 percent of companies believed diversity was an effective way to improve business.

However, 42 percent polled said gender diversity was a priority, and 22 percent of workers surveyed said racial diversity was valuable.  

Issues stem from the racial and gender wage gap, according to Forbes. Black women, although one of the most educated groups in the country, only receive 67 cents to every dollar a white male counterpart receives for the same job. 

For every 100 men promoted to a managerial position, only 60 black women are promoted. The survey also found that 40 percent of Black women had their judgment questioned or challenged, while 27 percent of men have.

Only 35 percent of Black women surveyed said their manager shares their contributions to other colleagues. But when it came to male workers, 46 percent said their manager promoted their ideas.

Black women also said 41 percent of the time they never had a healthy interaction with a higher-up about their work; just 27 percent of men said that.

The survey showed Black women were, in many cases, the only woman and the only person of color in the room. This isolation muted their voices. Real investment in diversity can change this.

Some have suggested forming affinity groups to show how diverse a company is or isn't, who gets promoted and who gets hired. 

“Form affinity groups, then contact the CEO directly, saying that you want to be a feedback organization," said Kim Ashby Fowler, a human resources consultant. "Then there can be a way to send information about what you and others are experiencing.”

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