Fashion is something that many black people take very seriously. Growing up, the first day of school was basically a big fashion show dedicated to seeing what all of your sisters and brothers would be rocking through the halls. And you knew if you were about to go hang out with some of your friends or family, it was a requirement to make sure that you had lotion on every inch of your body and your edges were greased up because you had to look on fleek. Whilst scrolling through Tumblr, I happened upon a blog that compiled a bunch of images together that represent the ever-changing realm of fashion for POC and it SLAYS.

Blackfashion is a collection of images rarely seen in the media.  Ever changing, growing, pulsing with the energy of people who come alive on it’s pages. It’s a platform for people of color to showcase their fantastic, irreverent, classic and bold fashion eclat. From breathtaking to simply beautiful.”

Check out some of the goodness below and check out the site here.

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