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Black Twitter Gives A Collective Hall Pass If Rihanna Calls Their Man On Stage

There's just something about Rih Rih that you can't deny

The allure of Rihanna knows no limits. From Hollywood A-lister's to OVO superstars, the bajan beauty has no shortage of suitors willing to risk it all for just a moment of her attention. Whether it’s her talent, beauty, or her heroic levels of IDGAF, Rih possesses that certain something - that je ne sais quoi that leaves admirers spellbound and converts fans into stans.  

When a fan captioned footage of Trey Songz seductively serenading a female fan during a concert performance: “FELLAS, this your girl, wyd?” The question quickly made the rounds on Twitter.

Somehow, totally unsolicited and completely unprovoked, Rihanna’s name got thrown in the mix as folks weighed in on what they would do if their man was invited onstage by the superstar. The scenarios were hilarious!


I mean, is it even a question?


No disrespect but…


Deuces will be chucked.



Nobody is mad at this scenario


 But even if you tried to get an attitude...


You might have to take this L though.



Who knows, if #BlackTwitter can successfully get a Rihanna movie green lit, maybe she'll start calling fans on stage and make their dreams come true!

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