A North Carolina-based Black-owned breakfast company has transformed from a small mom-and-pop operation into a million-dollar business through strategic distribution deals with retail chains such as Walmart, Costco and other leading grocery stores.

Marquita and Deven Cater, founders of Blanket Pancakes & Syrup, wanted to create healthier breakfast options and decided to make homemade versions of the popular duo and sell samples to customers at local farmers markets, CO— reported.

The couple started with only themselves operating the small business, with Marquita working full-time and Deven part-time in addition to his day job. Additionally, Marquita ran the marketing department and Deven the operation department to promote the brand further.

The Carters managed to handle all business matters but had a larger vision as entrepreneurs.

“When we started the company, we saw bigger and we treated it as such,” Blanket CEO Marquita told CO—.

“If you see yourself as just a mom-and-pop operation, you’re going to limit yourself,” chief operating officer Deven added.

Marquita came up with the idea to launch Blanket in 2016 after experiencing a high-risk pregnancy with her second child. The doctor advised her to give up foods with artificial ingredients, including her favorite: pancakes and syrup. She then figured out how to continue eating her favorite foods with a healthier twist.

The mother of two made homemade pancakes and syrup without preservatives, artificial colors or sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup. After receiving positive reviews from their families, the Carters decided to sell the food items at local farmers markets.

According to Marquita, choosing “blanket” was the perfect name for their business because they wanted consumers to feel the warmth and security Blanket Pancakes & Syrup would bring to breakfast lovers.

Despite facing financial hurdles along their journey, the Carters managed to secure deals with major retail giants, including Walmart, Costco, Food Lion, and other prominent stores locally and nationwide.

In 2023, they reached over $1 million in sales and are now looking for investors to take the brand to the next level.

“There is no reason why Blanket Pancakes & Syrup will not be a household name just as big as any other brand out there,” Deven said.