May Beauty Picks


1. Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On, Vichy Laboratories $29:

Whether you’re finishing up grad school apps, working on that killer presentation for your job, or hacking away at your million-dollar business plan, you’ve probably seen your fair share of sleepless nights. Nothing says you’re a night owl more than bags underneath your eyes. Calm those bad boys with some Aqualia Thermal Roll-On and a week’s worth of sleep.

2. Clinique Sonic System Purifying Brush, Nordstrom $90:

Cleansing brushes have been pretty popular in the beauty world. Clinique has managed to combine affordability, power, and fool-proof cleansers to create a standout product. Refine and refresh your pores with their 3-step solution.

Doesn’t she look happy?!

4. ‘Dry Remedy’ Daily Moisturizing Oil, Aveda $27:

A couple of drops of this wonder oil gives your hair some major shine without weighing it down. I like to mix a couple drops of the Dry Remedy oil with Aveda’s ‘Be Curly’ curling cream to give my definition while making it soft.

5. Original Lip Therapy, Vaseline $2:

Petroleum has been given a bad rap lately, but Vaseline still has a warm place in my heart. This little tin comes in handy when you’re out of your favorite gloss or hand lotion. Vaseline goes on thick and lasts for hours.

6. Raw Shea Butter Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner, Target $9 and $11:

These are hands down my favorite “drugstore” shampoo and conditioner. The shea butter in both products moisturizes my hair and tames the frizz. The affordable price keeps both my wallet and my hair happy.


Have some hair and beauty products we should try?

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