For those who are new to our product, Blavity is a tech media platform built for up and coming Black creators, makers, and people who like dope things.  Blavity was formed because our team was fed up with portrayals of Black culture that don’t accurately reflect us.  Black culture is so dynamic and its many representations should be showcased.  We saw an opportunity to evangelize worthwhile engaging and creative content to consumers.

The Why

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Black culture influences the world. We passionately believe that Blavity will provide an alternative to the new generation of our culture and how it is portrayed in the media, which in turn influences the world.  We solemnly believe that by providing an alternative to how our culture is portrayed today, we can change the world tomorrow.

The Product

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Blavity v.1 was built with the busy professional in mind. You can sign up to receive a daily subscription of the top 10 trending videos curated by our unique algorithm and team of influencers. You can visit the site to see what’s trending in their localities, find curated lists of videos (come back for our #TBT list every Thursday!)  and follow interesting creators.

We make it easy to discover new and culturally relevant content by curating the best videos in the world and delivering them straight to you. No more clicking through YouTube to find a new creator or missing the latest trend in Black culture–Blavity’s technology will keep a pulse on what’s hot and deliver it to you every day.  On our platform you’ll find the best Black comedians, spoken word poets, latest web series, and comedy pieces (post Scandal commentary anyone?). Our technology is establishing a new place for Black creators to find inspiration, connect with a wider audiences, and leverage the web to supercharge their growth.

The Future

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At its core, Blavity was born from the desire to solve problems for ourselves as creators, black millennials and innovators.  Imagine a world where these things were possible:

What if a documentary about the Hasidic and West Indian communities in Crown Heights, NYC got  as many views as Sharkeisha?  

What if  you could empower an entire generation of Black creators to share their stories and operate as independents by building a borderless community?

What if what you watched reflected who you are?  Inspiring and entertaining. Relevant and authentic. Raw and substantial.

What if thoughtful, high quality and powerful content had a platform that changed perceptions of our culture in mainstream America.

What if the technology you used everyday was created by people that understood your problems, because they had the same ones?

This is Just the Beginning


Join us as we embark on this journey to build the first generation of black consumer technology apps. Using video and content to connect our community, Blavity is a platform, team, and  a vibrant ecosystem, with you, the user, at the center. Content that amplifies your life, looks like you, entertains you, challenges you, and brings you to the forefront.

With love,

Morgan DeBaun, CEO, Co-founder

Jeff Nelson, CTO, Co-founder

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