With a campaign ad in the Super Bowl and a State of The Union address that he used as a campaign speech, Donald Trump’s swing into campaign season has begun. And while Democrats are still clamoring to figure out who won Iowa Caucus (spoiler alert: It was Bernie), Trump has had his best week ever. That’s bad news for America. 

Trump launches $10 million campaign ad during the Super Bowl. 

During Sunday’s Super Bowl game, millions of viewers were presented with Trump’s ad in which he praised himself for his criminal justice reform policy, formerly known as the First Step Act. In what many felt like was an exploitative use of those impacted by criminal justice, Trump’s ad highlighted the story of Alice Marie Johnson, a Black woman who Trump pardoned in 2018.

It was also a billionaire battle between Trump and Michael Bloomberg, with both showing off their wealth with a pricey ad buy. This was the first Super Bowl where presidential campaign ads were displayed. The ad aired a day before the Iowa Caucus giving Trump and Bloomberg a one up off the rest of the candidates.

Iowa Caucus is a clusterf*ck.

The Iowa Caucus has left many feeling confused, disappointed, and unsure about the state of the Democratic Party.

Let’s start with the use of an app from Shadow Inc. that produced inconsistent caucus results. Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg paid $42,000 to the firm in July for “software rights and subscriptions,” according to FEC reports. The former mayor also prematurely declared himself the winner of Iowa before any of the results had been given. This all led to conspiracy theories online and overall distrust for both the state Democratic office and DNC chair Tom Perez.

On Thursday, AP reported that it’s still too close to call. The DNC announced Thursday that they will recanvass in Iowa, following a call to do so from Perez. This occurred soon after Sanders declared victory.

The mess only further plays into Trump’s hand that the Democratic Party is not to be trusted. The first primary election was a disaster, and what should have been the beginning of an energizing primary season likely just made an already burnt out base more apathetic. 

Trump used the State of The Union speech as a free ad buy. 

On Tuesday’s State of The Union Donald Trump used what should of been the president addressing the nation to instead talk himself up and spew hate speech about undocumented immigrants. 

It was evident that Trump felt confident that he would be acquitted of the articles of impeachment that were filed against him. The SOTU was a reality show, and he was the host. From him surprising  Rush Limbaugh and awarding him the medal of honor to him bringing a war vet husband home to the surprise of his wife, it was unlike any SOTU address that we’ve seen before. Even Representative Nancy Pelosi ripping his SOTU speech felt like theatrics. Everyone was playing into the spectacle, and despite the very serious times we are living in, our government overall is uninterested in addressing them. 

Trump is acquitted of all charges. 

What was expected to happen, happened. Trump was acquitted of both charges that were brought to him by the Democratic led House. Though the Democrats’ strategy was to hope that some Republican Senators would do the right thing, given the mounds of evidence presented against Trump. Republicans (except Senator Mitt Romney) voted along Party lines and did not vote against the president. 

The Democratic Party looks like it’s imploding and Trump and his cronies are eating popcorn and enjoying the show.

Republicans are united no matter who their leader is and no matter what they’ve done. Democrats, on the other hand, are publicly bashing frontrunner Senator Bernie Sanders. Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has continued to speak poorly of her former running mate, stating that she doesn’t like him and doesn’t know if she’ll support him if he’s the nominee. We’ve seen the same people who demanded party unity in 2016 change their tune once it became evident that Sanders might actually be the one to win the nomination. 

The DNC needs to get their stuff together real quick.  And decide what is something they fear more, another term of Trump or the Left arm of the Party taking over.