| August 09 2019,

10:18 pm

This is the weekly column written by Blavity:Politics Senior Editor Kandist Mallett.  

At its foundation, America is a place of violence. This country was created through colonization and the genocide of the indigenous people of this land. It was able to become rich and powerful through the kidnapping and enslavement of African people. That violence has been continued on a state level through police killings and military occupations around the world. 

If we want to know what the source of mass shootings are, then we must look beyond the recent rise of white supremacy acts that have occurred under Trump’s presidency, and instead, examine the white supremacy that has long existed within this country. 

On August 3, 21-year-old Patrick Wood Crusius went to a Walmart shopping store in El Paso, Texas, and killed 20 people, injuring 26 others. The shooter wrote a manifesto saying the reason he was carrying out the terror attack was because of his fear of a “Hispanic invasion”. The shooter was a self-identified Trump supporter, and his manifesto repeated much of the rhetoric being heard on Fox News

So yes, let’s talk about gun control and changing the culture around guns in this country. But, let’s also talk about our immigration system and how we talk and treat immigrants in this country and how that also played a part in these deaths.