Black Girl Ventures (BGV) is a company that’s dedicated to helping Black and brown founders have a leg up in the industry. They do this by providing them with grants and other financial opportunities. The resource is also known for providing access to successful business professionals. And they help to combat issues that only Black or brown founders may experience. Issues such as discrimination, or lack of funding in comparison to other racial groups. Through their network, they have been able to financially support over 200 entrepreneurs of color since their launch in 2016.

Most recently, they opened their applications for their “Next Gen” program. This is specifically for HBCU students seeking entrepreneurial resources. Those who are ready to take their business to the next level. It includes a pitch competition, networking opportunities, and showcasing one’s business on a grander scale.  The parameters of the competition is for their pitch to be in the time frame of three minutes. There’s an additional three minutes with a panel who asks various questions regarding the business. From there, one is voted upon by participants and other attendees of the competition and decided from there who the three winners are. Their pitch competition is known for globally being the largest pitch competition designed to cater to minority women founders. For those that may not want to pitch their business concept, but want to still be involved with the program, they are welcome to attend in person to watch the magic happen! 

BGV also offers a seasonal fellowship program called the Change Agent Fellowship. This opportunity is good for minority entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of forming their business. The motto of “each one, teach one” is the driving force to ensure participants are being provided with a wealth of knowledge for their entrepreneurship journey. The program duration is 9 months. It involves extensive leadership training. Participants are paired with a group of peers in their respective area. Did I mention that participants also receive a $10k stipend? While this opportunity isn’t open for applicants right now, it is something to keep in mind as a secondary option. 

BGV’s Next Gen Program is an 8-week program that helps to cultivate the minds of young HBCU students that are seeking to take the workforce by storm in the near future. After completing the application process, students are also required to submit a short video speaking to their business idea and introducing themselves. From there, seven students are chosen and are given the opportunity to embark on their new journey!

Applications for the BGV Next Gen Program close December 16th and can be found here.

Sherdell Baker is a senior journalism major student at Hampton University. She seeks to bring the quintessential views of contemporary college culture to the masses. Check out more from her here.Read Comments