Attending college while Black can sometimes be a frightening and isolating experience. For most students you’re going to universities out of state, miles and miles away from your family and friends. You’re being thrown into a completely new space with no one by your side. And to top it all off you’re in the face of an institution who doesn’t prioritize making sure your livelihood and identity are protected. 

We’ve seen it all. Racist encounters from other students, teachers, security staff, citizens of the new city that you’re in. You almost feel cornered in. Making sure you’re passing classes in college is already one hassle. You don’t want to stress yourself out even more by having an uncomfortable experience in your social life on campus. For Black students who are at PWIs, it’s important that you’re creating safe spaces with other Black students to create that community you need to feel comfortable, seen, and heard while on campus. 

From Black Student Unions, to other extracurricular clubs, there are many ways to foster these connections. Creating these spaces will be great for holding conversations about what it’s like to be in a space around people who don’t look like you nor understand you. I want to list out a couple of clubs/spaces that you can make to build that home away from home.