The perception of women in rap has been warped since the inception of hip-hop. To be taken seriously, female emcees had to be “one of the guys,” dress a certain way, rap about particular things and carry themselves in a manner that made their male counterparts comfortable.

As the number of women rappers increased, fans saw them owning their sexuality and taking back their autonomy. The genre saw female rappers like Lil Kim burst onto the scene with a hardcore pose and lyrics, creating a new lane for women rappers.

The content of their music became just as sexual and suggestive as male rappers but from a female perspective. The shift in music from women opened the door to double standards and misogynistic ideology becoming a permanent part of the culture. Regardless of their talent level or status, female rappers were still considered second-class citizens in the male-dominated music industry.

Their sexy lyrics and images, often standing toe-to-toe with any male rapper, were used as ammo against them to tear them down, discredit them, or worse. And while we celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, women are still being targeted.

Rapper, Sukihana has grown her fanbase in the entertainment industry with her funny and outlandish sex-driven lyrics and social media content. However, the rapper has been a victim of multiple incidents where men overstepped the boundaries between lyrics and life.

Three months ago, the 31-year-old artist was a guest on Kandi Burruss’ Kandi Koated podcast. During the show, Burruss’ co-host DJ AONE continued to make sexual suggestions and remarks towards Sukihana.

At one time, he seemed to be bullying her into engaging in his vulgar conversation. The rapper makes it clear that he is “a little over the top” and attempts to ignore him while he continues to harass her.

To add to the cringy situation, Burruss does nothing to stop his advances but is heard laughing in the background.

Later, the conversation evolves to speaking about penis size, and AONE thinks this is the perfect time to show Sukihana an intimate photo of himself.

As he asks her, “How does this look,” the rapper is visually stunned and uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, Sukihana is trending again because a man clearly made her uncomfortable.

Over the weekend, Sukihana was a guest at The Crew League event in Atlanta.

While seated at the table speaking with other co-hosts, rapper YK Osiris comes up behind her and rubs her bare shoulders – without warning or permission.

Again she seems uncomfortable and confused, but that doesn’t stop Osiris.

He grabs her face and goes in for a kiss. Sukihana avoids the first attempt, but Osiris kissed her on his second attempt.

He kisses her on the lips while Sukihana says, “no,” “who is this,” and “what’s going on.”

After his encounter, Osiris runs off laughing. The three males seated at the table with Sukihana laugh during his questionable actions and do nothing to stop or intervene.

Fans on social media agreed that this was flat-out sexual assault.

Also, the rapper was again violated and offered no protection from others on the platform.

Sukihana never mentioned the uncomfortable conversation with AONE on Burruss’ podcast, but she took to Twitter with a message that could be associated with the unwarranted kiss.


“I drink to hide that I’m very sensitive,” she wrote. I feel things more then the average person. I stopped drinking yesterday but today I’ve been crying all day. I asked God to strengthen me and use me to help others and to order my steps in his word. I just want to go away for awhile.”

Sukihana is an entertainer that chooses to entertain with shocking lyrics, risque clothing and unprohibited actions.

She is also a mother, a daughter, and a sister that is allowed to have boundaries and feel safe when doing her job.


She should be granted the same respect as any artist, including a female rapper that speaks may speak about “socially acceptable things.”

The harmful actions of others towards her are unjustified because she uses explicit language.



Neither Burruss, DJ AONE nor Osiris have responded to any of the backlash regarding their individual actions.