College is a river of psychological tension, emotional fatigue, and physical strain. It bleeds into an estuary of stress compounded by angst, exhaustion, and financial expunges. Ultimately, this mixture, whisked together by our grueling economy will fester. It will boil over with the residual fluids that seep into your pores and poison your character. These are my worries for my future after college.

I’m afraid the innocence I’ve kept guarded behind these college walls may be besmirched by the realities of the real world. It’s hard to escape the gaping abyss of foreboding for a journey you feel inadequately equipped for. Despite concerns, I’m able to separate my anxiety, and stricken objections from my level headed wisdom. 

Billions of people humor life’s demands and billions of people successfully tread forward. Life will be nothing short of a nuisance and for most of us collage students, it’ll stand as grounds unfamiliar to our soles. But that doesn’t mean we’re any less likely to succeed. Though not all, most of those we cross paths with on our way to campus, are working citizens. Those same pedestrians walking into the banks, law firms, and hospitals were once in our shoes. They were begrudgingly getting out of bed and attending class. Our journeys may vary, but they all share the same foundation. Therefore we all bare the same potential.

They’re no more capable than we are at achieving their, goals, hopes, and dreams. The fear is expected and warranted, but don’t let the mongering of media and other outside sources rob you of the integrity you hold. Integrity you hold for your ability to reach your aspirations. 

Relative to life beyond campus, college is a safe space. I myself fear the possibility of the stress of reality screwing with my personality. I’m sure I’m not the only who shares this sentiment. College is hard, but life after comes with more responsibility that we, as college students, weren’t obligated to before. It is understandable to have doubts about a future you can’t even fathom. But don’t allow your doubt to manifest into reality. Do you have anxiety about life after college?

Zada Luby is a first-year student at Gwinnett Technical college, she’s a nursing major who loves art, nature, and helping her community grow. Follow her interests and more here.