In between pillaging spaces for the sake of domination, white-owned brands have forgotten something. Black people are the catalyst for the culture they so arrogantly steal and profit from. That being said, when these companies capitalize off of Black spending power by creating brands that plagiarize our aesthetic, the least they can do is show up to our fight for justice in a sincere way.

Major non-Black companies that feel comfortable profiting off of Black people, at the very minimum, need to step up as allies to aid in our protest against the system that their capitalism contributes to. It feels performative when these vessels of capitalism do nothing more than post fruitless content that subtly hints at injustices against Black people when they could use their massive platforms to effect real change. Obviously founder and CEO of UOMA Beauty, Sharon Chuter feels the same way hence her starting the #pulluporshutup movement that challenges beauty brands to release the data of Black people that hold corporate and leadership roles in their companies.

That’s not to say all companies have fallen into the performative rabbit hole because there are a select few who have decided to get it right in a meaningful way. We’ve compiled a list of several brands being called out for their performative allyship as well as those who have been sincere.