We all know superstar tennis player Venus Williams as one of many people to exemplify Black excellence and athletic finesse. Her name stands out among the countless trailblazers, who have advanced the culture and made us proud. However, there's much more to the phenomenal athlete than tennis. Williams is a successful creative, intelligent businesswoman, fearless entrepreneur and dope-ass auntie.

As the year winds down, folks are probably scrambling to complete those last-minute vision board goals — but have no fear: Williams has some simple, yet wise tips on how to stay healthy, while getting to the bag during these colder calendar months.

First, watch what you eat.

"Especially, when you're on the run. It's easy just to pick stuff up. Pick stuff here, pick stuff there, and before you know it, it's all unhealthy," Williams told Blavity.

Photo credit: Ben Stansall

Photo credit: Ben Stansall

While it's easy to overlook the impact food has on our health, we have to make nutritious choices. Maybe instead of picking up that quick coffee and pastry on the corner, opt for a tasty natural immune-boosting green tea, and some yogurt with granola. Whatever the choice, food has the ability to either energize or drain the body of energy.

Speaking of energy, Williams reminds us to get plenty of sleep. 

"Sometimes it can be stressful to sleep, if you're stressed out, got all this stuff going on, trying to find that balance," she admitted.

Regardless, sleep should be a priority. Recommended sleep hours range from person to person, but on average health professionals suggest seven hours per night for adults, and a bit more for children. If Williams can get those sleep hours in while slaying the tennis court and boardroom, we all can at least try.

Lastly, Williams advises us to make time for ourselves.

"Make sure you do something that you enjoy," Williams said. "Fun, family, friends — whatever that is, because it keeps you refreshed to go back to work. 

In addition to imparting these health tips, the tennis champ and interior designer also shares her favorite thing to include in workspaces — the color black.

"I love black for interiors. It's interesting, the ways you can use black and how impactful it is," she shared. "I think sometimes people think, 'Oh, it's the color. Don't use it. It's too strong, it's too bold, it's black!'"

Of course, we love all black everything and understand the importance a healthy workspace plays in overall work-life balance. Splashing a little black in the office is all good.

When Williams isn't training for the almost 11-month-long tennis season or running her interior design company V Starr Interiors, she's making smart business moves.

"You try to find your Js and Zs that make sense and lend themselves to your brand. You find those and I've found those and you segue into that," she said.

Photo Credit: Andrew Kelly/AP Images for Clorox

Photo Credit: Andrew Kelly/AP Images for Clorox

Based on this philosophy, it makes sense that Williams would collaborate with Clorox to promote health, family and wellness, during the cold-flu season. She values all of these factors and shares that she constantly uses disinfecting wipes to fight off germs.

After all, Williams can't let sickness get in the way of fulfilling her jobs or fun auntie duties. Ultimately, Williams proves the little steps we take to maintain our health and prevent getting sick can have a big impact on our personal and professional success.