Thanksgiving is somehow around the corner.

October has been stripped of its spooky guise. Soon the smell of succulent, golden turkeys paired with sweet, buttery treats and savory sides will be tickling at your nose. But Thanksgiving encompasses much more than just a good meal. Amidst the quotidian, emotional whirlwinds of life, are beautiful nuances that are scarcely celebrated. We should use this time to not only enjoy the little things, but also give thanks. This brings attention to the paltry, but significant, and erratic bursts of light in the wake of darkness in our lives.  

For once we should toss the papers, wash our hands of the stress, and emphasize the things that paint smiles across our faces. Despite the strain of carrying a college career on my back, there are still a myriad of things my mind can conjure that makes the experience worthwhile. For example, I am grateful to have access to public schooling. Unfortunately, elevated and multifaceted literacy is a regulated commodity.

A limited number of people across the globe have the opportunity to achieve higher levels of schooling.

Due to the relatively atypical nature of this chance to further my education, I’m very grateful for the gift of lectures. And not only lectures, but what would they be without professors? I’m grateful for them too. I’m also extremely grateful to be able to make new friends in a unique college environment. Pouring my energy into framing the congenial aspects of college helps me to change my perspective, and get through the stress more effectively. 

Beyond college, I’m also exceedingly grateful for my family.

They never fail to remind me how loved I am. Their love and support for me is never far from my mind. In the heat of the battle between happiness and pure exasperation, the thought of them always comes to the forefront. In my opinion, taking a moment to give thanks brings a whole other dimension to Thanksgiving. Overall, it makes the underlying pressure of school and life in general easier to manage. What are you grateful for on this Thanksgiving? 

Zada Luby is a first-year student at Gwinnett Technical college, she’s a nursing major who loves art, nature, and helping her community grow. Follow her interests and more here.