Is it just me, or does it feel like this Democratic primary run has been going on FOREVER? With what started as 28 candidates running, to now only 8, it’s been a long race to Super Tuesday. 

While your brain may be telling you to check out, right now is the time we should be reinvesting our involvement in this primary race. 

Here are several ways you can avoid election burnout. 

Regulate the amount of time you spend on social media. 

Social media can be an overwhelming place when it comes to the political news cycle. From trying to figure out what’s real or fake news, to the constant punditry and grandstanding that happens from ego’d brains trying to go viral, social media can make an already hectic campaign cycle seem chaotic. 

Limiting your time on social media is just a good idea in general. If you’re starting to feel burnt out or that your time on Twitter is making you apathetic, monitor your use and lessen it. 

Don’t feed the trolls. 

It’s important to stand up for what you believe in, but brace yourself and pick your battles wisely. Not, every ignorant troll is worth your time. Reclaim your time by not engaging in conversation with every person who has a different political view than you on Facebook.  Yes, your uncle who believes in respectability politics and that some young Black men deserve to get stopped and frisked should be corrected, but not at the expense of your mental health. When engaging in political debates is becoming too overwhelming, just log out. People's minds don’t change overnight.

Volunteer for a campaign or an issue you care about. 

Find a new way to engage with the election outside of just digital mediums. A way to get re-energized about the presidential election is to get involved. With Super Tuesday only a few weeks away, presidential campaigns are in a desperate need for volunteers. 

From knocking on doors to phone-banking campaign volunteers can have a huge impact on election results. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had 250,000 doors knocked in New Hampshire, which helped him win. 

If there isn’t a candidate that you are feeling right now, there are also propositions that organizations are either working on or have gotten on the ballot. You can volunteer for those campaigns. Primary elections are not only about presidential races but local races as well. Learn what local seats are up for grabs and get informed.