Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown was born on March 4, 1993. I’m sure her mother, Whitney Houston, was overjoyed that day. Bobbi Kristina is and was her mother’s pride. Despite all of Houston’s flaws and struggles, she lived for her daughter.

It’s been over a week since I heard about Bobbi being found unconscious. From what I gather, she is still alive and fighting for life. As her family and the world takes vigil, I find myself praying that she has a breakthrough. But I also ask myself what’s really been going on in Bobbi Kristina’s life? What’s the truth and who should I/we believe?

I don’t know her personally, but I can only speculate Bobbi has experienced inconceivable pain throughout her lifetime. No one really knows how her parents’ tumultuous relationship affected her. The death of her mother must have been an utterly tragic point in her life. Losing a parent is never easy. Watching a parent lose their life to their own demons has to be traumatic. I can’t begin to imagine how she’s felt all of these years.

Bobbi’s family failed her.

That’s a difficult statement to make, but it’s the hard reality. The adults in her life should’ve shielded her from the chaos of her parents’ choices. I understand it’s difficult to tell an adult how to parent their child, but in the case of Bobby and Whitney, some intervention could have been beneficial. It’s been reported that Bobbi’s family on her mother’s side had some insight into her parents’ rocky relationship, particularly her grandmother Cissy Houston. Someone could’ve stepped up to act on behalf of Bobbi’s best interest. Informal guardianship, or acquiring temporary care of a child, is often done in Black families. If her family was or has been concerned about her safety, something could’ve been arranged.  She deserved the right to a bright future. She deserved to have a life independent of their woes.

I want Bobbi Kristina to wake up from this ordeal and have a speedy recovery. I want her to be able to take the reins of her life, and be liberated from the cycles of addiction and abuse present in her family. But most of all, I want her to experience endless happiness and the satisfaction of self-love.

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