Boosie indulged his fans on Twitter, giving them an option to either enjoy dinner with the rapper or receive $20,000.

“I GOT A QUESTION FOR YALL LET ME SEE WHO SMART. DINNER WITH BOOSIE OR 20 Thousand,” the 39-year-old rapper wrote in a Dec. 8 tweet, which has since been deleted.

Seemingly eager for an opportunity to chop it up with the rapper, Dayton, Ohio, native Allante DeBrill replied to the tweet and said, “F**k 20K! What’s for dinner I’m [on the way].”

The up-and-coming Los Angeles-based rapper, who goes by Lon6z, followed up on Tuesday with a series of pictures showing him and the Louisiana rapper at a table together. 

According to his tweets, DeBrill contacted the veteran rapper via DM to express interest in having dinner with the rapper. However, Boosie responded “U SURE U DON’T WANT 20 THOUSAND,” HipHopDX reports.

In an interview discussing the opportunity, DeBrill said he "felt that [having dinner] was the way to go [to be honest]," according to Ace Show Biz.

"My gut always leads me to the bag, and Boosie is one of the most knowledgeable OGs out here," he added.

He also tweeted, “Worth every penny” along with a clip that appeared to be a music video featuring the Louisiana rapper. 

DeBrill was also able to score a guest feature from Boosie on DeBrill's remix to “Run It Up.” The remix, “Run It Up 2.0 (Boosie Alpha Initiation)," alludes to the 39-year-old rapper mocking Black Greek letter organizations after he was filmed wearing Alpha Phi Alpha paraphernalia.

At the end, during a comedic skit, Boosie tells one of the brothers “I ain’t wanna be in [Alpha Phi Alpha] s**t no way.”

As Blavity previously reported, Boosie was also spotted at an NBA game wearing a Kappa Alpha Psi shirt.