A 29-year-old Boston real estate agent is taking legal action against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after he recorded video of federal agents stopping him on a jog without identifying themselves or their purpose.

Bena Apreala said he was out for a jog in West Roxbury, Massachusetts on Tuesday when a group of men in unmarked vehicles stopped and approached him, Mass Live reports.

“They hopped out, at least one was armed, they had on tactical vests and driving huge unmarked cars. Nobody was helping me. I was by myself and anything could have happened to me,” Apreala told CBS Boston.

Before the men identified themselves, they told the Apreala he matched the description of someone they were looking for. Apreala said he came to the realization they were law enforcement by the ICE patch on an officer’s apparel.

"The police officer started walking towards me, and he said, 'Hey, stop,' and without identifying himself, he started asking me for identification, asking me where I was from, asking me who I was, what my business was around the area," Apreala said.

On Apreala's video, the law enforcement agents can be heard asking him if they could inspect his tattoos, but he declines and asks if he can proceed with his day.

"Am I free to go? Do I have to show you? If I'm free to go, then I'm not showing you anything," Apreala said. "Thank you. Have a great day, guys."