Beyoncé Knowles-Carter continues to touch the lives of many. Videos of a kid with slick moves and dope style went viral recently, showing us all what it truly takes to pledge the singer's fictitious "BDK" sorority. 

It has been several weeks since Beyoncé took over Coachella. The clever dance sets, elaborate costumes and lit tributes to historically black colleges and university (HBCU) bands still resonates with the culture. She even dropped fresh merch from her faux "BΔK" sorority and launched scholarships geared toward HBCU students.  

It's likely the inspiration for one kid who seems to want to be a part of greek life, too. He's already mastered his stroll and step routines. He's ready to pledge, and a young woman who claims to be his sister was there to record every bit of his routine. Then his sister posted the hilarious clips of him breaking it down with his spot on step routine on Twitter Saturday.

He's swerving like a grown man in these short but entertaining videos. Watch the little man work it out:  

Look at his stroll, y'all.

He didn't stop there. Here is the Divine 9 for "BDK."

Just dope AF!