Ariana Grande is gracing the latest issue of Vogue Magazine, and while the 26-year-old pop star reveals her past battles with mental health and grief, many can’t get over the skin-deep cover. 

For the August issue, Grande swapped out her iconic long ponytail and oversized, off-the-shoulder pieces for curls and less dramatic makeup. But that’s not what has people talking; it’s the pop star’s deep tanned complexion. 

While her fan base fervently defended her appearance on the magazine cover, others are pointing out clear differences in Grande’s skin tone throughout the years

This isn’t the first time folks have questioned the “thank you, next” singer’s tendency to straddle the lines of racial ambiguity. The former Disney star, who identifies as Italian American, has been challenged for capitalizing on using a dark skin tone to assimilate and for appropriating Black culture when it benefits her career.

Many on social media brought out the receipts to show that Grande's skin tone has darkened gradually over time.


Something smells blackfishy