Tamika Palmer, the mother of Breonna Taylor, went to Instagram on Saturday to share that her slain daughter has the same birthday as Tyre Nichols, the 29-year-old from Memphis also killed by police. According to Palmer’s post, Taylor was born on June 5, 1993, the same date as Nichols’ birthday.

“My heart is breaking all over again,” Palmer wrote.

Activist Tamika Mallory posted on her Instagram page to reveal that Palmer is still struggling to deal with the loss of her daughter.

“Yesterday, I spent 30 horrible minutes trying to calm down Breonna Taylor’s mother and my friend,” Mallory wrote. “She was hysterical after learning her daughter and Tyre share the same exact birthday to the year. She was damn near inconsolable and the only thing that broke her mourning was me saying, ‘Sis, you are going to get sick. Please stop before you get sick.’”


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Mallory said Palmer could at least enjoy some jokes despite her tears.

“I cracked a personal joke and we were able to shift the conversation,” the activist said. “We started cussing and talking about the war to stop this s**t. So many emotions in 30 minutes. This s**t is traumatizing… It’s NOT OK. I’m NOT OK!”

Taylor was in her home with her boyfriend when police raided and killed her during what they said was a drug investigation, as Blavity covered.

Nichols died following a brutal attack by five officers during a traffic stop on Jan. 7.