Bringing Up Bates is over but where are the family members now?

What is ‘Bringing Up Bates?’

Bringing Up Bates is a reality TV series that follows married couple Gil and Kelly Bates as they navigate their everyday lives with their 19 children and 24 grandchildren. From engagements to pregnancy announcements, the Bates family proved to be pretty good television.

And as devout Christians, Gil and Kelly instilled their beliefs and values into their children, earning them a number of fans in the religious community.

Bates Family Accused of Racism

In 2021, Carlin Bates posted a viral video of the family playing Charades as part of family game night. In the video, a child is seen laying on the floor as an older relative pretends to hurt him. A voice then yells out “George Floyd!” in reference to the tragic shooting death of 46-year-old George Floyd. 

But even though the family didn’t seem to find anything wrong with the “joke,” fans certainly did. Fans of the show took to social media to air out their grievances, calling the family racist and fake Christians. 

And then suddenly, after 10 seasons, Bringing Up Bates was officially canceled.

‘Bringing Up Bates’ Cancelled

Even though the family already started filming for its 11th season, UPtv would soon release a statement about the cancellation following the viral video. They made no mention of the racist incident, instead saying that the network was looking to focus more “on movies and a new scripted series” for 2022. 

Now that the series has been canceled, fans may be wondering where to find the family next. Take a look at what the Bates family is up to now:

1. Carlin Bates Had a Medical Emergency

While she was in labor with her son, Carlin Bates revealed that she began experiencing fainting spells. In a YouTube video, she explains her symptoms. “I started having what they think is some type of seizure,” she says. “I started feeling weird, having blurred vision, headaches, and started passing out.”

And recently, the couple shared a video highlighting Bates passed out at a boutique. In the video, fans can see the 23-year-old laying on the floor with her eyes closed. But this is just one of a number of episodes, one of which caused a concussion.

But even though the couple is unaware of what exactly causes the seizures, Bates is has undergone medical testing to find out.

2. Trace Bates Tied the Knot

Over the weekend, Trace Bates and Lydia Romeike tied the knot in their home state. And as expected, the celebration was a family affair.

As for decorations, the couple enlisted the help of the groom’s brother, Warden Bates, to create a giant wooden triangle — a symbol of the Christian faith. And the groom’s brother, Joshua Romeike, restored an existing wooden row boat just for the special occasion.

And their aunt, who’s made a wedding cake for each of the married siblings, kept the tradition alive by making bobblehead toppers for the couple’s three-tiered wedding cake.

In an exclusive statement with People, the couple shared their excitement. “Today our lives changed forever!” they said. “We move from being best friends to being husband and wife — so surreal! There are no words to describe how excited we are! We have waited for this day for so long.”

3. Gil Bates Recovered From Surgery

A recent YouTube video had Bringing Up Bates fans concerned after showing Gil Bates with a bloodied arm. Just two days before his wedding, Trace Bates shared a video explaining that his father had been in an accident.

He revealed that his father was shooting arrows when one shot through his hand, injuring him. The camera then pans over to Gil, who sat with a towel wrapped around his hand.

Gil Bates was rushed to the hospital, with Trace providing updates to fans while there. He eventually underwent surgery to repair the injury, and the family later announced that he returned home to recover.

4. Esther Bates is Pregnant

After fans caught Esther Bates in a maternity t-shirt, she quickly denied pregnancy claims. But even though she tried to quiet speculation, fans grew even more suspicious.

Later, in an Instagram post, the couple shared pictures of themselves posing with a sign reading “BABY BATES ARRIVING OCTOBER 2022.”

Along with the photo, the caption read “This Mother’s Day is extra special for us! We are so excited and grateful for this amazing gift! ,” confirming what fans had been suspecting.

In a Mother’s Day announcement, Nate and Esther Bates revealed they were expecting their first child together. And they even had a name picked out — Kenna Joy.