Khepera Wellness yoga studio has been at the forefront of delivering health and wellness to an underserved community in Washington D.C. at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on not only helping our students grow and flourish but also encouraging them to spread that light out and unto others. Our classes are meant to appeal to the spirit of self and community as exhibited by our interactive offerings such as Trap Yoga, PowerHouse and now our brand new class: Black Girl Magic. There is a distinctive magic that resides in the fellowship of women. As the manager of Khepera Wellness, I feel it is an honor and a responsibility that I strive as much as possible to help spread light to my fellow Black women. Of course, I value the love of our fathers, brothers, partners and best friends, however there is an intimacy within the love and friendship of women that has inspired Black Girl Magic, a class that is very close to my heart and Brandon’s as well. We hope to encourage Black women to find not only their strength but the individuality that makes them truly special: their magic.

What is Black Girl Magic?

We’ve all applied it to the glory and wonder of Black women. Black Girl Magic is the beauty and pure amazement that comprises Black women throughout our individual experiences. It is us at our very essence whether that be taking golds at the Olympics like Simone Biles or simply dancing around our bedrooms. It is the freedom to simply be Black and a woman and to not be afraid to exude that in our happiness!

How is that adapted to your class?

BGM is a safe space for women to come and practice in a warm and inviting environment that is created for us and by us. As we’ve seen in our Trap Yoga class at Khepera Wellness, music can foster the connection of the body to the environment and we adapt a setting that expresses the empowerment, motivation and love of Black women amongst each other. We play only women and relish the input of our students as well. Our teachers, Adrienne Burke and Wanida Lewis, both bring an individual style to their class which I love as it a great reflection of the beauty and diversity that exists within Black Girl magic.

Why did you create Black Girl Magic?

Both Brandon and I have a deep rooted goal of making wellness and mental health as inclusive as possible to the Black community. Our goal is to provide spaces of health and refreshment, particularly with the stresses that bombard our community every day. I believe that the release of the stressors of the world that build up inside of us can be broken down with the fellowship of those who can relate to those experiences. That is why it was so important and gratifying to me to be able to provide this class and see our beautiful women cherishing themselves and each other while practicing yoga. I want this class to exhibit Black Girl Magic in all its forms. Black women are not monolithic and I would love for that to be reflected with plus size women, queer women, trans women, etc. I believe our diversity is our magic.

So what is Black Girl Magic: Inhale?

Inhale is a series of discussions that Khepera Wellness hosts after classes about once or twice monthly. Black Girl Magic: Inhale will be an event on the third Thursday of every month starting in January. Candles will be lit and we will sit back and discuss what is important to Black women and our progression right now.

You can sign up for Black Girl Magic every Thursday at 8:15 on our website at We will soon be be offering classes at a second location in Northwest DC so stay tuned for exciting updates!