nullBritish Ghanaian actor David Gyasi was originally set to star in the new BBC One drama "The Interceptor," but, due to a leg injury which will require a period of rest, the actor had to exit the project last year, and was replaced by British Nigerian actor Olatunde Olateju (aka O-T) Fagbenle.

"The Interceptor" is a new gripping and high-octane 8-part series about a state-of-the-art law enforcement team whose unswerving mission is to hunt down some of Britain’s most dangerous and ruthless criminals. The series is written by Tony Saint and made by BBC Drama Productions for BBC One.

It delves into the adventures of a dedicated surveillance team known as the UNIT. Keeping their quarries under ultra-tight surveillance, they take us into the real world inhabited by the criminals of today.

Fagbenle leads the cast and plays Ash, whose dream of bringing down the biggest fish in the criminal underworld comes a step closer when he’s recruited to the UNIT – his knowledge of the street could be priceless, but with it comes an uncompromising way of doing things.

Jo Joyner plays Lorna, Ash’s feisty wife and mother to their two children, while Robert Lonsdale plays Tommy, his irreverent and adrenalin loving partner and best friend.

Trevor Eve stars as ruthless criminal Roach, Ash’s ultimate target, Anna Skellern stars as Kim, Lorraine Ashbourne as Valerie, and Ewan Stewart as Cartwright, making up the UNIT team. 

Gary Beadle and Lee Boardman join the cast as criminals Docker and Xavier.

The series is inspired by the book of the same name which details the career of former customs agent Cameron Addicott, written by Kris Hollington.

The series will premiere later this year, although no exact date yet.

A first trailer has surfaced and is embedded below: