Since the debut of Kanye’s The Life of Pablo, Taylor Swift contends that she was unaware of the famous line:

For all my Southside n*ggas that know me best
I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex
Why? I made that bitch famous

Kanye quickly defended himself, claiming he spoke with Taylor on the phone about the song and she was cool with it. However, after public outrage, Swift’s team quickly denied that specific phone call. While many refuted Swift’s denial, the public was still unsure of the truth, until Kim Kardashian-West dropped a nuclear bomb on the Internet. We now have confirmation that #SnakeSwift played the media again in an effort to uplift her public image and sell records.

Taylor Swift is a s*itty feminist.

The singer isn’t known for her timeliness. The self-acclaimed “feminist” waited three days to offer condolences to victims in the Orlando shooting and has yet to chastise a system that kills black people for sport. But miraculously, Swift delivered a statement to the Internet in under two hours.

Taylor Swift’s statement does not account for her lies and perpetuates the narrative that she is the real victim.

What West did in 2009 was untimely. However, what he stood for was not. He spoke out against an industry that regularly overlooks black artists and their talents. While West’s tactics were unwise, they were not cruel. Anyone could have won that award and he could have interrupted any singers’ speech. Swift played this storm like a fiddle and boosted herself into superstardom. She attempted to do it again.

Instead of owning up to her actions, Swift maintains a narrative of victimhood without offering an apology for intentionally painting Kanye West as a villain. Swift’s self-portrayal of the “frail white woman” comes from a long history of using white womanhood to advance the agenda white supremacy.

Swift called Kimye’s actions a “character assassination,” which is ironic because her music career is built on humiliation of other people. Her albums have shamed numerous people, including Camilla Belle, John Mayer and Katy Perry. Unlike West, Swift did not call her ex-boyfriends to ask for their permission to trash them in her music. Instead, she made music to shame her enemies and sell records under the guise of a feminist revolution.

This is not the first time Taylor Swift’s actions proved damaging to people of color.

Time after time, Swift proves herself to be the most harmful type of white woman — the one who steps on people of color to advance her own agenda. She bolsters her public image by creating a facade of being a champion women’s equality while, silencing black women who get in her way. Her “Becky revolution” failed and white feminism temporarily lost.

Finally, people are finally seeing through her lies. While some of her friends make feeble attempts to defend her lies, the world is finally meeting white feminist icon, #SnakeSwift. Her manipulative mediocre career was “started” by Kanye in 2009 and cancelled by Kim in 2016. Thanks for the receipts, Kim.

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