All of us have been rocking with that "Tru" track. It is one of the realest R&B tracks on the air and in the spirit of Solange's "Don't Touch My Hair", it has nothing to do with messy romantic relations. We love Lloyd. Plain and simple.

Now that we recognized his clear talent and vision, let's talk about Lloyd's cover art. Complex revealed the exclusive debut of art from his self described introspective conquering. Visual media specialist Ben Styles took it took it to the next level with this shot. His beautiful Blackness is perched atop North Georgia. In the shot, he looks like an ancient spirit creating the world in the some sacred indigenous area in Queensland, Australia. Lloyd is an undoubtedly noticeable force, but this piece is really about celebrating the glory that is Ben Styles' portfolio.

In addition to Lloyd, Ben Styles has directed for Kevin Hart, AfroPunk, sustainable fashion designer Kay Dane, and Terrance J. His range is phenomenal.

His current project entitled "Corey" is a Vimby original documentary following an artist in Atlanta. There is something captivating about Ben Styles' asymmetry and composition. His direction shines through in the visuals presented. From a bright yellow dashiki juxtaposed with a graffiti painted alley, to the throwback lens work he incorporated, every scene is worth watching.

This is my way of showing love for a real artist. I hope more people shout him out. Here's to seeing a checkmark next to his twitter name and a Wiki dedicated to him.