Conservative pundit Candace Owens continued to take a firm stance against the COVID-19 vaccine, saying she wouldn't take the shots even if she was on her deathbed. The 32-year-old made her statement during a recent episode of her talk show, Candace, Newsweek reports.  

Responding to a Twitter user who posed a question during a live taping of the show, Owens said she remains unvaccinated and nothing will change her stance.  

"I would say to the people, first and foremost, I am obviously unvaccinated. I am not getting this vaccine, ever," she said. "Never going to get it. I don't care if I'm on my deathbed and they say, 'It can save you,' I'm not going to get it."

"I'm principally now opposed to [the vaccine], and I do not understand why anybody who is healthy, able-bodied and young, would ever get this vaccine if you're not at risk of COVID," the right-wing pundit added.

Former President Donald Trump debated with Owens when he appeared on her show in December, Forbes reports. Trump advocated for the vaccine, saying it's “one of the greatest achievements of mankind.” 

He also took credit for coming up with the vaccines. 

“I came up with a vaccine, with three vaccines,” Trump said. "Came up with three of them in less than nine months. It was supposed to take five to 12 years.” 

Owens pushed back against Trump's argument.

“Yet more people have died under COVID this year. By the way, under Joe Biden, than under you and more people took the vaccine this year," she said.

However, the former president continued to defend the vaccine.

"The vaccines work," he said. “The ones who get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don’t take the vaccine. But it’s still their choice. And if you take the vaccine, you’re protected.”

Owens faced backlash in November when she was photographed at a UFC event at Madison Square Garden in New York City where attendees are required to have vaccinations, according to Heavy. 

During her recent episode, Owens said she was able to find a way to attend the event despite being unvaccinated. 

"You better understand that every time the elites make laws for you there is a way that they can get around the laws that they're making for you, and there are carveouts in New York City," she said. 

According to the New York City guidelines, "people 12 and older participating in the below public indoor activities [including visiting indoor arenas such as Madison Square Garden] are now required to show proof they have received two vaccine doses, except for those who have received the one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine."