WNBA star Candace Parker accomplished another milestone in her illustrious career, but she’s choosing to elevate her Chicago Sky teammates instead of basking in her latest accolade. Parker, who was asked to express her thoughts after being selected to her seventh All-Star game, advocated for more of her teammates to get the same honor.

“I can’t wait for more of my teammates to join me,” Parker told reporters on Thursday in a clip shared on Twitter. “I definitely think we should have at least two more as starters. … Chicago has the All-Star Game and there’s going to be so much excitement around it. But at some point, we have to recognize greatness. We have to understand how we spread the wealth, how we have five potential players on the court every time that can probably drop 20, but we don’t. We share the rock. That’s a testament to the way we play and how much we wanna win.”

As Blavity previously reported, Parker reached another milestone in May when she became the oldest WNBA player to get a triple-double at age 36.


“I think the game is changing,” Parker said according to CBS Sports. “I think we’re gonna very soon see this on a nightly basis. We’re going to see those playmakers who have the ball in their hands. So I don’t know how long I’m going to hold onto this. But I’m grateful for this opportunity to play on a team where we can spread the wealth.”