Author and TV correspondent Candace Owens recently said “straight white males” are now being treated the same as Black people during the degrading segregation era in America.

Owens is known for controversial remarks she makes as a Republican correspondent, whether she’s on the job or off. According to Mediaite, the media host was a recent speaker at Turning Point USA‘s latest college event at Michigan State University. The non-profit organization was founded by Trump supporter Charlie Kirk, and its mission is “to build the most organized, active and powerful conservative grassroots activist network on high school and college campuses across the country.”

During the event Twitter user Jason Campbell, a senior researcher at Media Matters, tweeted a video of Owens on stage sharing her viewpoint on what she sees as the modern-day reality of “straight white males.”

In the clip, the 33-year-old said, “If we have ever achieved an equality in this country, then you wouldn’t blink if anybody says ‘Asian Lives Matter’; no one blinks. ‘Black Lives Matter,’ no one blinks. But, ‘White Lives Matter.’ They fell apart. Right?”

She continued with her theory of America not achieving equality for whites, specifically white men and added that she wouldn’t want to be a one because it’s not easy.

“The actually worst thing to be in this society — the one thing I would not want to be is a straight white male. For some reason, that’s considered problematic,” Owens said.

In addition, because she thinks being a white man is now tough, she said people are lying to get away from being identified as one — by any means necessary.

“You have to be something. It’s like, people lie, they’re lying on college applications. They’re like, ‘OK, I’m white, but I’m also trans.’ And you’re like, ‘What? Why are you pretending?’ Because, ‘I don’t want people to think I’m too normal,’” she said as an example.

The video clip ends with Owens stating how this was similar to the Black experience in America from the 1880s to 1960s.

“And people, you know, they’re just trying to find something that makes them not white, right? And it’s really staggering to think that once upon a time, that is exactly what the experience was for a Black American.”

She continued, “Being a Black American was so problematic that you weren’t going to be allowed into the room. Now you have the exact same thing happening in reverse, and you have liberals trying to convince you that that’s equality,” she said. “It’s not! All lives matter. And that’s including white lives matter, you know?”

Should we be surprised by these thoughts, since she was recently spotted with Kanye West in a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt?


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