Cardi B spoke up for a group of Black women trying to enter a Miami club.

Video clips circulated online of the rapper assisting a group of Black women who were initially denied entry into one of Miami’s popular nightclubs, E11even.

Cardi can be seen talking with the group outside with her husband Offset in front of her. The women told the rapper that despite having the means to get in the club and purchase a table, they were denied entry by the bouncers because they were Black.

In the video, a woman can be heard saying, ”Hey Cardi, they not even letting the sisters in tonight, girl, at the front door.” The unidentified woman also made reference to the club letting in “the white women” while allegedly being dismissive of others.

“My husband plays football and they not letting us in,” she continued. “We couldn’t even buy a table.”

Cardi B, appearing to speak to the security, told them, “Y'all need to let some Black women in here.”

“Let the Black women in here. … Security, let them in,” she added.

The bouncer questioned the Love & Hip Hop: New York alum, asking, “Who do you want in?”

The bouncer then assured the rapper that the women would be let in after getting Cardi B situated first.

After a few seconds passed, the woman who initiated the dialogue can be heard saying, “We’ll be patient, we’ll be patient. And I got you.”

It has not been confirmed if the women were eventually allowed inside of the club.

As Blavity previously reported, Cardi B isn't afraid to verbalize how she feels. Earlier this year, she expressed how a lot of her male peers make "depressing" music as opposed to the turn-up feel she gives fans.