Cardi B is no stranger to verbalizing her opinions, whether it's about politics or her music.

The “WAP” rapper took to Instagram Live, informing her fans that she believes her music is what's missing from the DJ booths in the clubs.

“I want to make music to turn the f**k up, 'cause when I go the clubs that's what n***as wanna hear,” she said.

Given the rapper’s background in exotic dancing, she’s managed to successfully reflect female empowerment through her brand. This viewpoint obviously paid off since her debut hit “Bodak Yellow” back in 2017, as the Grammy Award winner eventually made an appearance in Hustlers alongside Jennifer Lopez.

During her Instagram Live, she made mention of Twitter naysayers speaking on what type of music she should be making.

“I be seeing all these motherf**kers on Twitter be like, ‘You need to rap. You need bars. You need to have this. You need to have that.’ I want to make music to turn the f**k up!” she exclaimed.

She concluded her video by voicing her concerns about male rappers and how substance abuse of marijuana and lean could possibly impact their music.

“I feel like n****s nowadays making music with this type of beat that is mad depressing. All these rappers nowadays, all of them wanna die. They all wanna die — all of ’em! All these n**gas need to stop doing lean and smoking weed," she said.

“You know, this the thing about these rappers. They get money and they start buying too much motherf**kin’ weed and too much lean and they make that slow s**t,” she continued in her criticism of rap music.

But Cardi later clarified her thoughts on Twitter.

"I just want a balance sorry if I worded things wrong. I just love music that drop hard and turn the club up like dreams & nightmare & First day out by tee grizzly. A perfect balance of rap and turn up," she tweeted.

Cardi will host this year's American Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater on Sunday, Nov. 21, according to Billboard.