In her long-awaited Hot Ones appearance, Cardi B dished out a few hot takes while devouring hot wings.

The interview started with the Grammy-winning rapper and host Sean Evans discussing her and Megan Thee Stallion‘s latest single, “Bongos,” which reached No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Although the Bronx native loved the beat the first time she heard it, she was not a fan of having to rewrite the lyrics in a way that made them more radio-friendly. For instance, for the “Eat this ass like a plum” line, Cardi was forced to revise it to “Baby, eat these peaches and plums.”

“That sounds so corny, like that sounds like Kidz Bop,” she said. “But I have no choice, so, ‘Baby, eat these peaches and plums.'”

The conversation then shifted toward Cardi’s love of current events and whether she believes in aliens. For the record, “I don’t believe that aliens are real,” she declared.

She continued with her theory: “If aliens are real and they’re smarter than us, I just feel like, why haven’t they invaded us?”

As the spice levels increased, Cardi’s train of thought became more and more scattered. Her “drunk tongue” relayed her hopes to have a career like Rihanna and Jay-Z, and she shared that her preferred Wrestlemania ensemble would be something “skimpy.” The mother of two gathered herself enough to speak about her love for former president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Hot Ones host asked Cardi about the time when she and David Letterman got chopped cheese sandwiches, a New York City culinary staple. However, she admitted that visiting Roosevelt’s house was more of a thrill to her.

“You know, how he got us through the Great Depression, won a war, only president that got elected four times, while he’s in a wheelchair,” she said in a more serious tone.

“I’m obsessed with World War II. Like, I love World War I. But World War II, I’m obsessed with just learning everything about it,” she continued. “So for me to be in the same room that Churchill and FDR was discussing the nuke, it was just such a moment for me.”

During the final moments of the blazing hot interview, the heat got a little too intense for Cardi as she almost bowed out, jokingly saying that she wanted to “go home to my kids.”

Check out Cardi’s full Hot Ones interview below: