Rapper Cardi B kept it real with her fans and posted a video of her daily routine to her TikTok account on Tuesday.

The “WAP” artist, 30, has never shied away from being transparent with her fanbase and decided to show them how regular she is, from taking care of her children and making them lunch to shopping at Target and later unwinding in the studio with a glass of red wine, the Daily Mail reported.

“Hey yall …..A glimpse of a regular day as BELCALIS and not CARDI B!!” the Bronx native said in the caption of the video.

At the beginning of the clip, Cardi hops out of bed and describes what her day consists of on a daily basis.

@iamcardibHey yall …..A glimse of a regular day as BELCALIS and not CARDI B!!♬ original sound – Cardi B

“Hi guys, it’s your girl, Cardi B,’ she said in the two-minute and 33-second clip. “My fans have been wanting me to do more TikToks, so here I am.”

She continued, “I’m going to give you what a regular day is in my life as a regular person,’ she continued. ‘As Belcalis.”

The Love & Hip Hop: New York alum said checking her phone is the first thing she does after waking up in the morning before brushing her teeth and taking a shower. Cardi insinuated that she didn’t have much time to spare before her two children, Kulture, 4, and Wave, 1, woke up. 

“Getting ready before my kids notice I’m up,’ she said in the voiceover. “Because, boom, once they notice I’m up, they won’t leave me alone.”

After getting dressed, she headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch for the children. ‘Usually I have somebody doing lunch for me, but everybody’s on spring break,’ she said while cooking the food and feeding Wave in the background.

In the clip, Cardi mentioned that her cousin babysat Wave while she and Kulture were headed to the gym for what she described as an intense “two-hours-a-day” routine.

Despite having liposuction, the Grammy award-winner said she has to workout regularly because cosmetic procedures do not remove visceral fat from the organs.

“Visceral fat is that fat that surrounds your organs that you cannot lipo, and that’s why sometimes girls with lipo might have a snatched waist with a gut, and that’s because they’re not working out their visceral fat — they just keep eating and eating and their waist is small, but they still got a belly,” she said. “That’s why you gotta work it out.”

“And I want toned thighs, and you can’t buy toned thighs,” Cardi added.

After the workout, Cardi headed to Target to buy gifts for her children as a reward for being on their best behavior. She ended the day by buying pizza for dinner because she was too tired to cook for the kids.

Cardi spent more time with her children before heading to the studio to record new music while sipping a glass of wine.

The video amassed more than 7 million views on TikTok, with fans enjoying how down-to-earth the rapper was for sharing her private life with them.

On Monday, the “I Like It” condemned spiritual leader Dalai Lama after a now-viral video captured him asking a young boy to suck his tongue, Blavity reported.

“This world is full of predators,” Cardi tweeted. “They prey on the innocent. The ones who are most unknowing, our children. Predators could be our neighbors, our school teachers, even people wit money, power & our churches. Constantly talk with your kids about boundaries and what they shouldn’t…”