The first week of Black History Month has been a doozy. Every white person and they meemaw have been caught doing blackface, and Gucci even tried to make it into an outfit. 

Even though we've faced many disappointments this week, we know these tweets will help turn your week around:

First things first, the documentaries Netflix and Hulu premiered recently chronicling the immense failure that was Fyre Fest have one Twitter user wondering who needs intelligence when you've got whiteness?

Speaking of movies, we were introduced to a new take on an old classic we didn't even know we needed:

Wouldn't it be nice if we could coordinate our biologies so they better fit our busy schedules?


Can we just say this picture burned our ear:

Believe it or not, the Super Bowl was last Sunday. We think we can all agree everyone put half the effort into the halftime show.

Some folks were so disappointed in the show that they were reminded of happier (half)times:

As Blavity reported, ICE detained 21 Savage for overstaying his visa this week, and everyone felt 21 different ways about it. #FREE21.

It was announced Jennifer Lopez would sing a Motown tribute at the 2019 Grammys this week, which led to this comparison: 

Cory Booker kicked off Black History Month by announcing his bid for president. He was the second Black Democrat to declare his candidacy, which led one Twitter user to suggest the two work out who will be the final Democratic nominee this way:

Finally, we'll leave you with celebrations over Cardi B's Harper's Bazaar cover:

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