NBA star Carmelo Anthony, who was recently traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, teams up with The Players' Tribune to call on the goodwill of others to help Puerto Ricans out following the devastation and destruction from Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

After Irma made landfall on the Island nearly a week ago, Maria followed causing major blackouts around the island and flooding major urban areas.

According to ABC News, a 345-yard (316-meter) dam, which was built around 1928, is in danger of breaching. The Category 4 storm Maria caused a reservoir behind the dam to swell, forcing the evacuation of more than 70,000 people living downstream of the Guajataca River. This new problem adds to the already devastated nation because power has yet to be restored to major areas. 

Melo has pledged $50,000 in a relief fund for Puerto Rico. His pledge is part of a YouCaring crowdfunding campaign that has a goal to raise $1 million for the island to assist with food and other necessities. As of Saturday afternoon, the crowdfunding has reached $152,974 and counting.

“Right now, as I’m sitting here on Thursday night, there are thousands of little kids sitting in the dark. They might not have a roof over their heads anymore. Their houses might be totally destroyed ...

"Where are they sleeping tonight? What are they gonna eat tomorrow? What the hell is going to happen to these kids? This is what’s running through my mind right now. We have to do something to help these kids and their families. I’m half Puerto Rican, and I’m proud of it. Puerto Ricans are my people."

Watch Melo's passionate plea with his fans as he recruits more caring people to help Puerto Rico.