Hundreds of people online were horrified to see leaked pictures of the girlfriend of former Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman Chad Wheeler after he allegedly assaulted her in their home last month.

This week, officers from the Kent Police Department who showed up to arrest Wheeler revealed how difficult it was for multiple people just to fit handcuffs on him. Further details about the incident and the victim's suffering were also revealed in a Monday court hearing. 

When police arrived at the scene, they said they needed to force their way into the apartment shared by the couple. Police found the woman crying with injuries to her face and arm, as well as visible fingerprint marks on each side of her neck, according to TMZ. 

Police said they were notified prior to the encounter that the assailant was a 6-foot-7-inch, 315-pound football player, but officers reported later that they still underestimated his size and power.

One of the responding officers spoke of one instance in which three officers were atop the now-free agent and he was still able to move.

"As the three of us (with a combined weight of about 700 pounds) were on top of Chad, I could feel him lifting his body up like he was pushing up to get away," an officer said. "Chad, whose massive size took up the whole length and width of the bathroom floor, was able to lift his body about three to six inches temporarily with what appeared to be little effort from him," the officer said. 

After their attempts to detain him proved futile, the officers at the couple’s apartment used a Taser against Wheeler, but said that had little effect as well.

Eventually, the police were able to handcuff the 27-year-old, but they noted that he was easily able to brush aside several men during the attempt. Despite the clear danger he presented, officers found a way to bring down the aggressive assailant without injury. 

At an arraignment at King County's Maleng Regional Justice Center on Monday, Wheeler pleaded not guilty to first-degree domestic violence assault, domestic violence unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest charges for the attack. A judge ruled that Wheeler, who was previously ordered not to have contact with the woman, was to remain in the state of Washington on home detention with an ankle monitor, ESPN reported.

During the Jan. 23 assault, the woman told police that he choked and hit her multiple times until she fell unconscious, as Blavity previously reported. Both parties called the attack a result of Wheeler having a “manic episode." Police documents detail that when the woman regained consciousness for the second time, Wheeler said he was surprised that she was still alive. Police reports also state Wheeler yelled "sorry" and "I don't beat women" after being arrested. 

She told authorities she thought she had died after being beaten into a state of unconsciousness during the assault which occurred after she refused to bow to Wheeler upon his request.

In a statement read in court by the woman's victim advocate, she described the attack. 

"When Chad attacked me, he first sat on top of me, choked me, stuffed his fingers down my throat and covered my nose and mouth with his hands. I begged him to stop. When I tried to get away, he broke and dislocated my arm," the statement read.