We've been peeped Chadwick Boseman's — er — growing lack of enthusiasm when it comes to striking the Wakanda Forever pose. Let's face it; the brother was Wakanda worn-out. We could see it in his eyes and in his lackluster execution

While the Wakanda hype train hasn't slowed down, we get it that he's a bit tired of being asked to do the pose every single place he goes. Chadwick at Howard's graduation? Wakanda Forever. Chadwick walking around just minding his own business? Wakanda Forever. Chadwick breathing? Wakanda Forever. 

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On the telecast of the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, Michael B. Jordan confirmed Boseman doesn't want to salute anymore but has been too polite to say so. So, during his acceptance for the MTV Best Villain Award, Jordan said it for him.

However, there is one person in Chadwick's life who doesn't care how he feels about doing the salute. 

According to Boseman himself, his very own mama was disappointed he didn't take full advantage of the opportunity to give the world a Wakanda Forever by performing the pose on MTV.

Boseman accepted the Best Hero Award at the event (which he graciously gave away to a real-life hero James Shaw Jr.), and his mom wanted to see his signature character's signature move.

Chadwick tweeted about his mom's disappointment on Wednesday and decided to make it up to her. Because that's his mama!

"Mom said she was disappointed that I didn’t do the salute at the @MTVAwards, so #WakandaForever from the Arco della Pace a Milano," he tweeted, along with a GIF of him doing the Wakanda Forever pose. 

Chadwick was all the way in Italy, and he did it for mama. If mama says Wakanda is forever, it is forever. And wherever. 

Moral of the story: mama gets what mama wants! 

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