While it might be Friday the 13th, if you live in Chicago, it's your lucky day thanks to Chance The Rapper.

The Chicago native announced that he'd purchased all of the tickets for Friday's screenings of the Thurgood Marshall biopic Marshall at two different theaters in Chicago. He highly suggested that fans come to the 3 p.m. screening, for what is expected to be a huge surprise.

Marshall, which debuts in theaters today, is a biopic that looks at Thurgood Marshall during the early days of his career as a NAACP lawyer. Chadwick Boseman stars as Marshall; the story follows him to Bridgeport, Connecticut to defend Joseph Spell, a black man accused of the rape and attempted murder of a white woman named Eleanor Strubing, who was known as a socialite.

Spell was a black chauffeur that worked for Strubing and her husband, according to Legal Affairs.

Spell was questioned by detectives, and it was initially announced that he confessed. Four nights after being arrested, however, Spell admitted to Marshall that he had consensual sex with Strubing, but didn't rape her. During the trial, Strubing's story changed. Because of this, Spell was found not guilty of the crime.

Marshall was born in 1908 in Baltimore, MD.

During his school years, he was a member of his school's debate team, and memorized the U.S. Constitution. He attended the HBCU Lincoln University in 1930 before attending Howard University's Law School, where he was the mentee of civil rights lawyer Charles Houston. After graduating, he began working on cases for the NAACP.

The Spell trial came just 14 years before Marshall argued Brown v. Board of Education before the Supreme Court, and 27 years before he became the court’s first African American Justice.

Marshall also helped to create the NAACP Legal Defense Fund

This isn't the first time Chance has treated his hometown to a day at the movies. Back in February, Chance bought out theaters for fans to see Get Out.