Former NFL player Channing Crowder isn’t changing his stance on his feelings about quarterback Russell Wilson because he truly believes Wilson is a “square.”

In April, a clip of Crowder calling Wilson a “square” and accusing his wife Ciara of being a gold digger sparked a lot of controversy on social media. Most people thought his opinion was rude and false, but Crowder didn’t care.

Well, it seems the former NFL player still doesn’t mind the hate, after he recently shared that his thoughts haven’t changed. Crowder has made it clear that he still thinks the Denver Broncos quarterback is “lame” and wouldn’t want to party with him.

He was recently a guest on the Mr. Jay Hill Network, a YouTube channel, and he talked about his relationship with his wife, his departure from the I Am Athlete podcast and some of his viral moments.

During the interview, his previous comments about Wilson came up, and Crowder shared how the moment got blown out of proportion.

“The Russell Wilson thing … people took that to a different level,” Crowder started. “F**k you, I don’t care what he does [on the field], he’s lame.”

The show’s host, Jay Hill, interrupted Crowder to ask him why he felt that way about Wilson. The host of The Pivot Podcast shared that he didn’t “need a because” and asked Hill whether he thought Russell Wilson was lame as well. Hill disagreed and defended Wilson, adding that the father of three is a great role model for Black men.

“No, he’s not lame,” said Hill. “He’s an embodiment of what a Black man should be. He’s good to his wife … right?”

Crowder agreed with Hill’s statement, but said “that doesn’t make him not lame.” When the young host asked what specifically makes Wilson lame, the former athlete posed a question.

“Do you want to hang with the motherf**ker on a Friday night?” the 38-year-old yelled. “That’s what lame means!”

Hill disagreed with Crowder’s definition of lame, saying it was focused on someone being a party animal rather than their character.

The former IAA host said he respects Wilson as a father, husband and family man, but feels Wilson “is a f**king duck” because of how he talks.

Things got a little spicy after Crowder insinuated that Hill might be lame himself.

“Have you ever heard the saying ‘a hit dog will holler?'” asked Crowder. “Lame people protect lame people.”

Hill clapped back and told Crowder that talking down on another successful Black man is what’s really lame.