“For nearly two decades, he’s been on the front lines providing Americans with the leadership they deserve. We’re talking, of course, about Cory Booker’s ass,” says a voice-over as viewers get a close up of, well, Booker’s ass. 

The video, released April 29, is an unconventional, left-field effort to secure support for Sen. Cory Booker’s upcoming reelection campaign to the U.S. Senate from the newly launched super PAC, PAC That Ass (PTA).

PAC is an acronym for political action committee. Super PACs have notoriously served as an unofficial liaison between politicians and corporate interests, often allowing them to interfere in the political process with little oversight. 

The New York Daily News has described super PACs as, “organizations that can raise unlimited funds from individuals, corporations, and other groups to support or defeat a political candidate. They can do many of the things that candidate's campaigns do — run ads, make phone calls, send out mailers." 

Thus, it is ironic that PAC That Ass is, indeed, a self-deprecating super PAC in itself. PTA says it will use the power of a super PAC to disrupt the system and elect Democrats who are going to “send Republican incumbents packing.” Their stated goal is to also level the playing field for candidates who “wouldn't have the resources to run otherwise because of … racism and sexism.”

However, Booker, the first Black U.S. senator to hail from New Jersey, doesn’t currently fit into the impoverished, non-resourced demographic. According to Forbes, Booker is worth at least $1.5 million. The senator was born to two IBM executives, CNN reported.

But as the commercial points out, his political history teems with advocacy for those living in poverty. 

"Booker’s buns stood firm in the fight for housing justice, Medicare for All and an end to the War on Drugs. And faced with the cracks left by divisive Washington politics, Booker and his bubbalicious backside were there, calling for a common purpose,” the narrator says while highlighting Booker’s surprising thickness. 

PTA’s motto is to “spank the system.”

So naturally, the video concludes with yet another rear-end reference:

“This November, turn the other cheek on division and keep this man’s ass in the Senate."

Linh Nguyen, executive director of PAC That Ass, said PTA aims to infiltrate the super PAC realm.

“While we recognize that we’re a super PAC and can take money from whomever, and for the most part spend it how we want, we’re in the business of outsmarting this system that’s failed us,” Nguyen said in a press release sent to Blavity.

“We’re an incubator that invests and hires only young people of color, which gives us a unique opportunity to tap into the Gen Z/millennial, urban youth vote that everyone’s obsessed with," Nguyen continued. "We know those voters: young people who truly care for their own, are plugged in and as Democrats, we need to stop doing the same thing, cycle after cycle. That's where we come in.”